Our in house teacher has been trained under in Ashtanga Vinyasa under Guru Kamal Singh at the Tattva Yogashala Rishikesh and under the Knoff Yoga System under Master Teacher Nicky Knoff. Your practice will encompass a well balanced sequence. Pranayama to regulate breathing , detoxify and aklaise the system. Surya Namaskar to warm the body, awaken the breath and synchroise body with breath. Inversions to heat the body and awaken the brain, Standing postures to stimulate cellular intelligence,forward folds and sitting poses to warm the spine and mobilise the hips. Twists to prepare the spine for stronger movements and backbends to open the heart and finally relaxation amidst the palm trees to absorb on a cellular level the benefits of the practice.

Yoga offerings include, Vinyasa flow,Yin Yoga and also Yoga for kids. Inquire for detail on ongoing yoga retreats at Anawasal Kalpitiya.