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Anawasal Kalpitiya
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Welcome to Anawasal, a peaceful retreat providing comfortable, cozy accommodation in a small village at the end of the Kalpitiya penninsula. At Anawasal we try to provide our guests with a personalised experience. With only 5 rooms located on a 1 acre property our guests will always have the space they need to roam and relax. We also have a beautiful lagoon front "chill pool" which is the perfect place to refresh and unwind.


+94 77 732 6229

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Wilpattu National Park

Take an early morning boat ride with us to Wilpattu National Park. Wilpattu is the largest national park in Sri Lanka. The wildlife can be elusive but they are relatively undisturbed as the park remains unspoiled by hoards of jeeps and crowds. Even if you aren't lucky enough to see a leopard, the canopy forest and amazing “villus” (ponds) will leave you breathless.


Dolphin Watching

Kalpitiya is famous for dolphin watching and a sustainable approach to witnessing these amazing creatures in the wild. Set off from our private jetty to experience the magic.



Kalpitiya is relatively new for divers and its waters host beautiful coral and marine life. The best time for these excursions are from December through to April. The Bar Reef is a coral reef just offshore from Kalpitiya’s peninsula. It is home to 156 species of coral and 283 species of fish though still quite beautiful unfortunately owing to climate change there are some parts of the reef that are bleached.

Our approach to running our resort is principled on environmental consciousness, supporting our community, sourcing the best local produce and of course a whole lot of love.


+94 77 732 6229

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